Why become a Junior Rugby Coach?

“Becoming a coach is a great way for me to stay connected with my kids. The sheer joy of being able to spend time, build confidence and skills and see them having great fun with a different group of friends is very rewarding.

I have been involved in coaching children from their 1 st year of rugby to their last year of junior rugby. It’s an amazing experience to watch them develop in confidence, skill and ability and to reflect that you have had a part to play in that

Glenfield Rugby Club support all coaches ensuring they are upskilled with Small Black Coaching course, along with coaching workshops during the year. You work with and are supported by other coaches. Why not make a positive difference in your community and build great friendships with others in the community?” Shane Blackwell, Coach J7

If you are interested in coaching please contact Richie Maddock – Junior Club Captain on 021 855 505