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This year being the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Glenfield Grizzlies the team decided to forgo their annual Team Trip and concentrate on celebrating the anniversary in style at home.

Friday we continued the team trip routine of a Golf Day. This was as usual capably organised by Blackie and even the weather behaved. It was a well attended with 34 golfers turning out, some claiming amateur status which scores would attest they really shouldn’t be entitled to whilst some of us with REAL handicaps flogged our way round the course, in and out of drains, through mud and water. How ever the aim of the day was achieved in that everyone seemed to enjoy the day, certainly that was the feeling as our last group came up the fairway to the raucous noise from the golf club bar.

Friday night we had a Mix & Mingle at Pats Garage. The venue was in recognition of the long-standing sponsorship from the Garage. Thanks Kevin. This was really well attended and was great to see people from different eras catching up and also making new friendships across the eras. Small eats were provided by the team and all seemed to go down well.

Saturday was low key prior to the big event: GRIZZLIE DINNER. This got underway with the club done out with memorabilia from the past, photos supplied from Trev and items sourced from the Barber, Bungy and others. Even the Grizzlie Bear was spouting his pleasure. The evening was catered for by the Glenfield Woman’s team and it was a job well done. Thanks Ladies. Brian Murray spoke of the early years especially surrounding the formation of the team. Blackie also spoke of some of the later highlights.

The announcement of the Grizzlie Legend 2015 by Wayne Price was eagerly anticipated and the recipient Bryce Hilton was warmly acknowledged as a worthy recipient. There was then music, supplied by the team DJ Charles and dancing. The mannequin at the door dressed in the original Grizzlie Dress Code also seemed to enjoy himself some that was a good indication of a successful evening.

Sunday arrived bright and clear which was a lot better than most of our heads. College Rifles were the inaugural team the Grizzlies played in 1975, so it was great they came over to help us celebrate with a Golden Oldies game. They certainly turned up in better shape than some of the Grizzlies and entered into the spirit of the game. Prior to the game start a minutes silence was observed for Ted Wilson, one of the original instigators of the team, whom had unfortunately passed away the week prior. The game got underway and who will ever forget Blackie streaking down the sideline ball in hand, gold shorts glowing and those athletic legs sidestepping the opposition only to run out of puff after 20 metres, great stuff Blackie. There were also sights aplenty of All Black dreams that might have happened if only the selectors had appeared at the right games. Apart from the inevitable injury to Percy the rest walked away with only wonderful memories of a game played at pace but in the right spirit. Another 4 all draw.

Both teams retired to their dressing rooms to exaggerate their deeds over a few beers, then into the club for a few more pints and presentations plus a very good feed put on by Ray’s team, although I don’t think Ray did much of the actual work but thanks from the team.

All in all it appeared a very successful weekend, our thanks go to all those that made it so with the Organising Committee of Cam, Blackie, Brian, Barber & Trev, plus Tracy Little who did a lot of the organising of T shirts etc, the team thanks you all for your time and assistance. A great weekend with a great bunch of people.

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